Star Creek Records

Star Creek Records is home of the iconic 1960s rock band, The Royal Guardsmen (  Also on the label is Grammy-balloted, chart-topping folk music artist, Luanne Hunt (

Our History

Setting out to prove that Independent artists can be as successful as majors, music industry professionals Randolph Michaud and Luanne Hunt launched Star Creek Records in August, 2009. The company, which has offices in Maine and California, provides radio promotion, publicity, artist development, distribution and booking.

The genres they service include: Contemporary Christian and Gospel, Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Americana, Reggae and Adult Contemporary.

"What sets Star Creek Records apart from the rest is that we truly care about our artists and want them to make a worldwide impact with their talents," said Michaud, President and CEO. "We believe extraordinary music should attract an excellent response and are highly committed to getting our artists heard in a big way."

Every act on Star Creek Records receives special attention, according to Michaud. His combined efforts with Hunt help aritsts build a larger fan base, attract significant media coverage and get their songs placed in regular rotation on radio stations around the world.

"These artists need someone to fight for them and that's what we do every single day," Michaud said.

Michaud, who also is a classic country recording artist, has achieved unparalleled success as a radio promoter. He has helped countless Independent artists get their songs on the charts and on FM, Internet and satellite radio stations. His Airplay Direct digital monthly compilations are in high demand and receive hundreds of downloads per month from DJs around the world.

Hunt brings a wealth of journalism and public relations experience to Star Creek Records. As an entertainment journalist, she has written feature articles and cover stories for California-based newspapers, including the L.A. Daily News, Long Beach Press-Telegram and Pasadena Star-News, to name a few.

Over her 11-year career, Hunt has interviewed music, television and sports personalities, such as Ray Charles, Jon Bon Jovi, Loretta Lynn, Toby Keith, Wynonna Judd, Trisha Yearwood, Randy Travis, Jewel, Scott Hamilton, Robert Wagner, Bob Newhart and countless others.

She also has provided publicity services and written bios and press releases for dozens of Independent artists. Additionally, Hunt is an award-winning recording artist, who has released eleven studio CDs.

"Randolph and I have a very unique perspective in running the label because we are artists, too," said Hunt. "We know what it takes to make it happen because we've been there and have learned how it works from the inside out. It's not rocket science. It just takes dedication, focus, industry knowledge, common sense and a strong drive to succeed."

Meet Our Artists

Multi-platinum rock band best known for their hits, "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron," "Snoopy's Christmas," Baby Let's Wait"
& "The Airplane Song"

Grammy-balloted singer/songwriter, who has topped the European charts with her hit single "Solace In The Wind"